Mark Graham

Mark Graham
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I am a graduate student of Children's Literature and have also studied Counseling at the graduate level as well as College teaching and Reading and Literacy. I will be writing on these and my ownideas
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Recent pages by Mark Graham

This is a poem about the Christmas holiday for children and adults to remember about the holiday.
This is a book review of the children's book "Biscuit Wins a Prize". It is a book that shows and tells what a puppy can and cannot do.
This is going to be a poem about homecoming in many forms but mainly what it means to schools.
This is going to be a book review on a children's book titled "Biscuit and the New Baby".
This is an essay on the life of a graduate student working towards a doctoral degree.
A page of tongue twisters just to read for fun or so young readers can practice their consonant blends and other sounds.
This will be a book summary of Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes. It will also share with the reader how teachers can use it the classroom.
This is a futuristic tale about living in a perfect society. There will also be a lesson or two to use in a social studies or English class.
This will be a column about the skill of teaching and being a teacher.
This is going to be a somewhat list poem of what it means to go to school.
This is a poem about owning puppies and what they can bring to a family.
This essay is about how and why I write on the subjects that I do. It will also explain my joys for working as a writer.
This will be another poem about Autumn and how much fun the season allows us to have.
This is a poem about the season of autumn and the many aspects of the season.
This is going to be a poem about going back to school and what it entails.
Just a poem that tries to describe questions and answers. This poem is going to be a list poem.
This is a poem about a lone pine tree that is about to be chopped down because a fence is going to be built.
This is a poem about being unemployed and what it feels like to be unemployed.
This will be a poem about what is school and what is done and meant to be about.
This is going to be about the good and bad about caring for kids in at various ages.
This is a poem about writing skill when it comes to writing about your own thoughts and opinions.
I like writing these tongue twisters and no matter if they help with learning sounds or just for fun tongue twisters are there.
This is a poem that describes a Sunday Morning at sunrise and beyond.
This is a poem about what is a good morning. It is also a time to work out our plans for the day and to give thanks.
This a poem about the moon and how it allows for solitude.
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