Elise Marie

Elise Marie
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Elise Marie is a young thriving artist and professional writer. She enjoys writing honest reviews and articles to help others.
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Anxiety attacks can cause a lot of panic and sadness with pounding heart beats, dizziness, shortness of breath and a fogged mind. One of the best ways to relieve and treat an anxiety attack naturally is making and sipping on a homemade soothing herbal tea.
From time to time we all get sick with the flu and are left with chills and body aches. When this happens the best thing we can do to help us feel better is a eucalyptus mint bath made with essential oils and sea salts.
My favorite homemade tea to have is ginger root tea. Ginger root tea is working and nourishing to the body and helps lift the spirits when your in a negative mood.
Many people go to the store to buy lavender bath soak, but the truth is it is easy to make at home using basic ingredients that are affordable and healing to the body, mind, and spirit.
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