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I'm a retired engineer and I enjoy writing, singing and drinking beer.I've written six books which can be seen at
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A short history of the chicken and a delicious chicken and leek recipe
A short history of beef cattle and a recipe for steak and kidney pie.
A history of the pig and a recipe for a delicious pork hock.
How to make easy and delicious nibbles for your party, or for your buffet.
How to make Scottish Sausage meat from Pork and beef, breadcrumbs and spices.
Fred and Rosemary West were killers who, after murdering their victims, buried them under concrete in the garden and bricked them up in the walls of their basement.
Once I had erected my new steel shed, it was time to think about fitting alarms.
How I extended my patio by using unwanted brick rubble to form the base.
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