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Born and raised in the Midwest; poet, mother wife
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An ongoing work in progress. This is one of many versions, a possible attempt at an epic, I'm not really sure. I think this was a companion piece to something earlier, just never quite wrapped it up. This version was discovered when going through some recovered files on a now deceased...
Going through some older material, and stumbled across this piece. A rare gathering for my siblings and I,before things got too crazy and busy. We tried to touch base every now and then, but it seems once again life has gotten in the way. The memory here is a good one, I enjoyed that...
Surviving the ups and downs of a long term relationship, married couples go through many stale moments. This is one. A random conversation briefly uncovers these moments, and while not offering any solutions as how to avoid them; it quickly acknowledges them.
Remembering my father on what would have been his 83rd birthday, written in the days following coming home from his funeral.
Life often gets complicated...these occasional bumps in the road can be distracting and often very noisy
a couple of pieces from some time ago...attempting to lighten up these gloomy days
Attempting affiliate marketing again, hopefully with better results
my take on our current celebrity obession and other points that pop in my head
Going through some older pieces, found this one...loved the memories that came flooding back
You know you want it, we all do! Go ahead, pull the lever.
A quick observation on race, and our girls. What message a simple doll carries.
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