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This one is about the power of God in our life and what His presence is for us.
Has your Access been granted? Through Jesus Christ that is.
When writing this, I was filled with pain because many people sit in church (also in life) this way. Many are unheard.
Get to know about me a little more and how I feel about being different.
What really happened to the old school brothers? Those treated ladies like royalty not like objects?
It is not good for someone to leave in fear, because life will never be "life" for them.
Here is my praise to God in poetry. For all He has done for the years I have been living.
Well in some cases, the truth does not hurt, but when it comes to Jesus being the truth, there is no harm in it!
Do you live your life having others serve you or are you serving others equally?
We all worship something. It is either God or something else (devil). What do you choose to worship??
We are no where near perfect but should look to become perfect because we might meet Jesus and dismiss Him. And in doing this, we may lose our opportunity.
Here is a poem dedicated to Jesus. It speaks about how His love is greater but yet He still yearns for us.
Here are a few things about me that I cherish, and of course there is more but let's stick to these for now ?
Just a few things about my family and friends. Get to know how much I am loved. Maybe your loved the same?
Here are a few tips to courting or just meeting new people. Read and take notes!
A Few important things about being a teenage girl and where your heart should be.
Didn't mean to get personal, but i thought sharing this would help someone else.
This here helps you to evaluate where you are in your walk with Christ.
This is in regards to Revelation 19:19 and what I received after reading it.
Many people do not know about the coming of Jesus. They do not know he is coming to save us and neither do they know His return is near. Jesus is tying His laces so He can start running to save us. But when will He make it?
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