Uzoma Azuonye

Uzoma Azuonye
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I am a Nigerian architect, poet and writer. My two volumes of poetry Shades of Passion and Diana Valedictory have been published in the United States. My writing will focus on fiction and politics.
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Most poor people believe the rich people did extraordinary things to become wealthy such as rituals involving human parts and sacrifice. They are therefore inclined to remain reclusive without making efforts to improve their financial circumstances.
When Daniel shed his criminal past and became a born again Christian, he decided to prove that he had dominion over all beasts of the earth by climbing into the lions enclosure of a university zoo.
This poem about three women in the suburbs of a Nigerian town mourning Princess Diana shows how her death was felt beyond borders.
New year resolutions are achievable and can work if we do not leave it to chance.
A clueless general overthrows a democratically elected government and finds himself holed up in a hotel room engaged in dialogue with a voice. Outside, events unfolding do not look part of the plot.
The international media has made it their duty to portray Africa as a tribal village rather than a continent. They have continued to emphasize the worst events in Africa that make the present and possibly the future generations of westerners to see Africa like their ancestors who labe...
This poem is on President Goodluck Jonathan who told Nigerians in a speech how he grew up going to school without shoes. The opposition who have branded him the clueless one have continued to ridicule him with the shoe story by calling him the shoeless one. The poem attempts to look a...
We were little boys driven by patriotism and hopes of freedom. We left the classrooms and joined up to fight the Biafran war.
When Johnny slept off on his sofa, he never expected he would be woken up after midnight to face a gang of armed robbers laying siege to his house.
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