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Steve Wickham is a Registered Safety Practitioner (BSc, FSIA, RSP ) and an online Christian minister (GradDipBib&Min). His passion is facilitation and coaching; encouraging people to soar t
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As we stand at a distance to ourselves, reflecting over life, the world, and the universe, and about how it all works, we come back, ultimately, to ourselves. The idea of life, as it's personally lived, is living content through the ages... turning each page, through each stage of one...
A thoroughly awe-inspiring prospect in life is conversing with God, yet we hardly do it. Only when we dip to the bottom of the barrel do we often pray. How amazing it is that we can take God's hand at any time and enjoy a healing conversation.
METAPHORS FOR LIFE are incredibly influential - at the personal level. They steer the deployment of our values and belief systems. Many metaphors will derail our lives; the image of a river, however, will provide a good path to a wise life.
Is there a connection between the hustle and bustle of life and a lack of gentleness we'd otherwise wish to embody? That's the thesis here; that the gentler worldview can only be nurtured when life is made to slow down.
I, alone, am accountable to God, All others - and their actions - I must accept, Are not the road with which I trod; This is an outlook making my life adept.
Lamenting in the LORD Hidden, am I, with Christ in God, No matter the trample of enemy, trod; Enemy's destined-lightly esteemed, To the nightmare of my presence, I have dreamed.
One glorious future, There for one to master, If hope provides the detour, Through the maze of disaster.
Why do we wish our time away, When some would simply dream of delay? Appears the desire for time is wrong, But for an infusion of purpose we should long.
Beautifully endearing was that smile, Coming toward me with authentic grace, As I tread that shopping aisle, Oh what a story on that face!
With the seconds ticking past and the moments escaping, Internal pressures persisting - balance's awry, Performance's the matter of momentary shaping, Making each mounting second obey our heartfelt cry.
Forgiveness is freedom, Choice not to run, Welcome greets wisdom, Better's the deed once done.
Life and people are one and the same, Frustrations and evil mingled with peace and love, Despite trespass with which we'll all claim, Comes life amidst the physics of shove.
Why is it so in my distrust, The moment of mistake, That I take some self-disgust, And add it to my heartache?
Pod of dolphins swims on past, Grace with which commands our stares, Rare the sight it makes us gasp, Mystery by which abounds our cares.
People might ask why it is thus, That a person of your kind is even involved in this, But there's opportunity in it to show them the bus, A point many afflicted are sure to miss.
Household chores all the bores, Choicest places tickle the spaces, Still the laws about all those chores, Appear to sadden faces beyond our graces.
Everybody has them despite personal pride, Moments where want negates truth to deny, When choice is deliberate - reality to hide, Or the unconscious state within - one normal to rely.
It's a problem for you, that I can see, Despite your wanting to rue, it's not the same for me, Sure I can empathise and even hold your hand, But the issue I'll not prioritise, I hope you'll understand.
Doubled over at the burden of things in the past, Brought to a precipice emptied and alone, Thought for confusion - life's end at last, Ushered forth is a heartbroken moan.
The moment you walked into my room, It was a fearful burden I noticed you carried, And as you sat I felt your gloom, Toward the darkness you looked married.
The pilgrim and their passage throughout the days, Is synonymous with the calm ebb of progress, Though they cannot help but find it a maze, Pushed indelibly forward are they by the process.
When times are unbridled and everyone's scared with threats near, As piles of worries surmount the dice roll of the day, And things are just getting a little too big and the strife is clear, Then there is tension - everyone's proximal to the panic that lay.
Easy to do but a trap within it contains, To compare what's due with what now remains, Colouring by numbers - quantity's adored, Open the mind now to what's new to be explored.
Seamless love, How can it be? Gentle as a dove, With you am I - it's me!
A day in time seems just fine, Some days do anyway, Then some days emerge ablaze, Despite how much we pray.
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