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I am a big J-Pop fan especially to Hello!Project.. Mostly about C-ute and Hagiwara Mai.. I also love the shade of violet
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Have you wondered how are fortune cookies made? Read this article and find out how :D
Do you want to know an easy trick to gain instant followers, likes and views for free? Read this post and learn!
The end of my 2nd semester is fast approaching, and I am so excited to share every detail I experienced during this awesome semester
Have you ever wished to be alone for a moment? How did you overcome this loneliness? Read my story to know how I overcome it :D
How did I start my university life? Is it full of thrills? excitements?
The miracle girl of Morning Musume will give us a lecture about the national sport of Japan, Sumo Wrestling. Each classes will be pretty exciting and funny to watch with the funny teacher around. Check it out!
Morning Musume's ace, Tanaka Reina, will discuss about the prime ministers in Japan and will also talk about the most unbelievable prime minister in the world! Check it out!
From energetic and cute aura to a very cool and sexy feeling. How did the very popular J-pop idol-group succeed their dream and became the "Best Performing Unit" among the idol group? Let's find out!
Juice=Juice, a unit newly formed last February 3, 2013, will give us some "sense of youth sizzles". Let's check them out!
A popular girl-idol group ℃-ute released their another version of their "Kono Machi" MV! Check it out and enjoy the video!
Mother's day is fastly approaching! Have you already thought of a present for your Mom? I'll give you some tips for your gift!
All of us wishes for the rules to be erased so that we can do anything we want. However, having no rules will give us more disadvantages than what we really think. So let us know some of effects if there are no rules.
Dating is one of the experiences teens want to have. But what age is proper for dating?
My life as a performer on my high school years was one of the most unforgettable experience I ever had.
I just had my first exercising experience on a gym and I'm so excited to tell you guys about it!
A quick announcement on Berryz Kobou's latest development. After finishing their spring tour, Captain made a moving and important blog post. Appointing Natsuyaki Miyabi as the sub-captain. Check it out!
Konnichiwa! Who wants to learn some basic Japanese? Then, I'll teach you some basics and learn them fast!
Do you want to have your own blog and share your experiences and thoughts? Then let me teach you some easy ways on how to get a blog easy and free :D
Do you want to buy something badly but is afraid if it's just a spam? Then I'll give you some little easy tips to identify spammers and legit online sellers!
Morning Musume, a popular girl-idol group, released their 53rd single last 4/17 and been in the top of the oricon chart for a week! Let's review the single and enjoy every part of it!
We always want to go somewhere refreshing during Summer. This time, I will talk about a place where we can travel and enjoy our summer vacation, in the CAMIGUIN ISLAND..
I love to listen to J-pop music and I've been a big fan for how many years already, and I will introduce them to all of you here :D
Have you ever thought if what it feels like to learn some new things if we participate in any activities? If how fun it is to do it and develop your teamwork with other people? That's what I always thought since my shyness keeps me blocking from doing new kind of things.. In this page...
When I was still 13, I wrote some lyrical poems which I based on my feelings. They're mostly about love and about me too.. It feels like you are already freed after telling the thoughts of your feelings to others and that's what I'm going to share here right now :D
This poem is about my dad whom I considered as the very first man I ever loved.. :D
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