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Done some acting, a little painting, and now fleshing out a couple scripts, Always listen closely to song lyrics - when audible, and am amazed they don't pack more messages.
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Lyrics to a forthcoming album ... if they still make albums. Feedback welcome for this newbie songwriter
I love all music and listen to many different styles and Ive noticed many country songs follow the same pattern
Weve all been there - just doing the bare minimum to go out in public. Are we slowly sliding downhill ?
Another song that came on a plane. I guess Jim was right - people are strange when youre a stranger
Like so much of entertainment today, we just want to hear the hits. It limits the artist creativity but the public doesnt care
Selected lyrics for an upcoming album to be released in the fall 2014. You see those trapped in an image every day from LA to Washington DC
Are we better off today with all this social media - or do we miss something.
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