Marie Lowe

Marie Lowe
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I earned a B.A. in journalism from the University of Central Oklahoma.
My motto- Life is like a marathon, the closer you get to the end, the more it hurts.
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A DUI accident killed a man in 2007 and his mother remembered him as a tough quiet guy.
Oklahoma Storm Chaser Talks About the May 23, 2008 Kansas Tornado Outbreak
My first marathon experience was the 8th Annual Oklahoma City Marathon held April 27, 2008. The event is designed to honor the memory of those killed in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Murrah Federal Building.
On June 12, 2004, while working at the Arkansas City Traveler newspaper in Arkansas City, Kansas, I had the opportunity to meet and interview Gilligan’s Island’s star Dawn Wells in Wichita, Kansas.
When you work as a journalist, you never know who you may end up meeting, interviewing or receive a phone call from. Even small-town Oklahoma journalists can experience encounters with celebrities. I have been at my job 10 years now and one of my first celebrity encounters came on a...
Former Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Charlie Hanger spoke about arresting Tim McVeigh at the memorial in 2006.
If you are traveling on historic Route 66 in Oklahoma you might want to consider making a wine stop in Stroud at StableRidge Vineyards. I made a stop at the modest winery that offers a tasting room in the town's original Catholic church. The building was started in 1898, using materi...
A Canadian Lottery Scam robbed an elderly Kansas man of thousands of dollars. His daughter tried unsuccessfully for months to stop the scammers.
The blood cancer Multiple Myeloma has been claiming lives for decades. When it claimed the life of my father in 1986, many had never heard of it and there were no treatments that we were made aware of. Today there are treatments but a cure is still desired.
I was bullied by the best, but in the end I came out a winner.
A short story on my ups and downs with slot machines.
Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is a rare killer lung disease that strikes women, many in their prime. Many end up on oxygen and lung transplant lists. There is no cure and the cause is not fully understood. On March 25, 2013 I was diagnosed with a rare killer lung disease called Lymp...
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