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I write mainly for Bukisa and Helium and I participate from time to time at myLot. Wikinut is my attempt to expand the writing sites which I'm active in.
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This Halloween, watch one or all of the following classic horror movies that are not like the modern horror movies that are full of gore. Nevertheless, these movies are still horrifying.
Blogging is just like writing in your diary but instead of just being read by you alone, entries in blogs are read by those who're also interested in what you have to say.
An effective article title is like a good bait that will hook your reader and reel him into reading your article. It should attract your readers and grab their attention.
History is witness to many superstitious beliefs subscribed by both ordinary and famous people including those who were leaders, kings and queens of great nations.
Unfortunately, there will come a time when a writer runs out of ideas to write articles about. But don’t give up. Google is the place you can go to find ideas to write articles.
You've spent hours doing your research, another hour preparing your outline and then you started writing. To you, it's a masterpiece but when you published it online, nobody seems to want to read it. In this article, I will show you the secrets to getting your articles more readable a...
Everyday thousands of newbies go online in the hope of making money. Many are scammed into programs that make ridiculous promises. However, there are legitimate programs that do deliver. How to evaluate which program is legit and which is just outright scams?
Who doesn't want to be slim and sexy? Who doesn't want to look like a supermodel instead of a sack of potatoes? But to become that slim and sexy supermodel requires a lot of work. Here are two tips for you who aspire to be America's Next Top Model. No, seriously just to be slim and he...
In order to start burning calories fast without exercising, you must make some changes in your lifestyle but these changes don't need to be drastic changes. By making small changes, you will be able to burn calories to lose those unwanted weight.
Do you know that kissing will burn calories or that sleeping is also one activity you can do to burn calories? It's natural for people to want the easy solution to their problems. Here is a list of 20 easy activities that you are already doing daily to burn calories.
It's a very serious accusation when a site is charged as a scam site.Did Bukisa scam its writers? This article will explain how Bukisa might have been called a scam and will try to get to the bottom of this misunderstanding.
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