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M G Singh
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A man who spent his early years in Air Force. An avid writer with over 6000 articles and 60 short stories published.Two novels on the anvil for publication.
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A Catholic priest accused of rape case is sentenced to a double life in prison in Kerala
Donald has banned travel to the USA from 7 nations but the ban looks flawed as it targets the wrong nations while leaving out the real culprits.
The press and opponents of Donald are trying their best to delegitimitize his win at the hustings.
In a first an Indian girl has won the Miss Japan title ruffling the feathers of the older die hard Japanese.
To get a viewership of 2.4 million is amatter of great satisfaction and one feels great about it
This novel was long in my mind and finally I wrote it and it is published. It is a tale of an Afghan warrior and his love with a British and Anglo-Indian girl during the tumultuous period of partition 11947
USS Zumwalt is a nuclear powered frigate and a state of art warship but it has run into snags and breakdown in the Panama Canal is ominous.
OROP has not been sanctioned as per the definition approved by parliament and this has led to a veteran comiting suicide by drinking poison.
Priyanka is a top Bollywood actress but now she is striking it out in Hollywood
Yoga is an ancient Indian art that has exciting results and powers to develop ESP
The Imam of the Al Aksa mosque has enjoined the Muslim men to spread Islam by fertilizing the European women.
The coming class between Donald and Hillary will be interesting. One can't take a bet on any candidate
Turkey is in ferment with the government ordering a massive purge, arrest, suspension of people remotely suspected to be involved in the coup.
The Bible mentions the cities of sin. One wonders whether modern sin cities also exist.
A Tigress was Bayoneted by a brave Sikh of the Indian army and thus established a world record
Ali was great, maybe not the greatest, but he had an apathy to the whites and that is overlooked in all the praises showered on him
In the coming election for nomination, the frnt runner for GOP nomination is Donald Trump. He has sized up Muslims correctly
I joined wikinut almost 5 years back. Its been a roller coaster ride and touching 2 million views and over GBP 110, does give satisfaction. Perhaps it's time to move on as there is no peak to be climbed further
Buddha is recognised as an Avatar of Vishnu , a fact he never denied. He also borrowed heavily the Hindu concepts and one can conclude he was part of the Hindu pantheon.
Bahadur Shah was the last king who ruled Delhi. He was made a titular head of the 1857 mutiny and was exiled to Rangoon where he died in 1862
Jihadi John was a British Mulsim who joined the ISi and becme their main executioner. He has probably been killed ina drone strike by the USA. So Drones do have a meaning
Song of songs is a lovely poem that brings out love between a man and a woman with god as a reference. It is erotic poetry but disguised with reference to god.
Joseph davey Cunningham is highly regardedasa great historian who recreated an unforgettable era in the Punjab in the mid 19th century
The recent killing by radicalised Muslims in California shows that danger of Islamic terror is very real in USA.
Dilip Kumar iswas a top star of the Hindi screem, but some of his acts show bias against India the country that gave him stardom and fame
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