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I love to write on diverse topics including news,travel ,health,family ,computer security and attitudes
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A 4,000-square-mile salt plane in the Bolivian altiplano is one of the planet's few candid void's. It attracts a tourist by its emptiness. You will enjoy catching breath at 12, 000 ft above sea level.
I want to experience that deep sleep wherein I cannot be awakened even by a blow with a rod. Such a sleep is essential to make me calm and peaceful.I know in sleep one travels inwards by taking off or withdrawing all senses from the surrounding objects or subjects. But deep sleep is e...
Chat Room Marketing has emerged as an advanced concept of marketing these days . Chat Room marketing is done by promoting sales through online chat rooms . It is really simple and easy to promote services or products in these spaces where free conversation from the people ...
German Magazine reveals that the NSA intercepts computer deliveries to install spy devices for their use. The magazine reported that American spy agencies intercept deliveries of computers as they stop the message and also learn a bit about what's going on in those systems , exploit...
Gulmarg is both summer and winter tourist resort located at an elevation of 8,500 feet or 2,600 meters in the state of J&K in India. The resort displays an amazing panoramic view of the whole Kashmir Valley and Nanga Parbat one of the highest peaks 26,660 feet or 8,126 meters of th...
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