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I am an external University Postgraduate Student studing History through the University of New England. I am also studying Law through Southern Cross University.

I grew up in Brisbane Australia; however I currently live in Adelaide.

I am passionate about the environment and will write many articles on this subject.

My other interests include reading, writing, playing chess, going to the beach, having coffee with friends, history, movies, the theatre, poetry, business, finance and investing, as well as playing with my dog.
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Recent pages by Cazza

This article describes how it is possible to make money from home while spending time with family and friends.
This article describes how I coped with my fear and how I over came it.
This article looks at the natural environment and climate change.
This article describes ten ways people can help the environment to survive.
This article looks at Paul O'Connor's book on wealth, property, investing and business.
This article discusses whether the global economic crisis is a fact or a fantasy.
This article looks at Michael Jackson the man and his music.
This article discusses whether history is repeating itself with the death of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.
This articles describes my opinion of Pembrooke in Wales.
The article describes my love of writing and my desire to become a writer.
This articles describes my experience and observations of Hoy.
This articles describes my impression of historical Bath.
The article describes my view of the French Riviera.
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