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The 4D's of Life-
Discipline + Diet + Determination= DESTINY
I'm a protestant/believer and i think big,because god provides in abundance.An architect in the making, I write what I observe.
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How is life exactly for an Architecture student, the initial years when nothing makes sense one has to struggle to understand the true meaning of art, aesthetics, abstract art, forms etc. A roller coaster ride in short in the vast world of Architecture
Problems Bangalore City is facing today due to increasing population and growth of software industries,which calls for ‘pockets of development’ instead of a collective change
how every new season reminds you of your life..all the joy the pain and memories that come all at once in front of you
how everything in ones life can be compared to boxes..
feelings of a teenager,a part of growing up and dealing with life
How architecture can work along with science and technology.
THE DAWN OF THE ERA OF FRAGMENTATION - Why Contemporary Architecture is Cluttered.
strike a balance between our past for our better future
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