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I am a student.
Still learning...
Still growing...

I laugh when I'm happy.
I cry when I'm sad.
I laugh on the dumbest joke and cry on the saddest movies.

Simply Me.
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Recent pages by Shida

I want to share a story about how my boyfriend and I met.
These are the things I want to achieve before I die. I really hope they can come true. I'll be very happy and there will be no regrets.
I'd like to meet these 5 people not just because I adore them but to ask for a favor and if they are wiling to do it.
I want to be a superhero. I want to change people lives and change mine as well. A hero has the strength and power. He also has the the wisdom of an angel.
This is a poem about losing and how we should feel for it.
These are my favorite saddest movies. It never fail to touch my heart and move my immagination. Truly a picture of real life.
Each and everyone of us experience pressure but what makes us different is how we handle it. Do we handle it with frustration and we involve everyone around us or do we handle it calmness?
My page explains the goodness of the Filipinos despite of all the bad things that happended.
It tells about what's in a kiss that makes it special.
This article shows my favorite word and why I chose it.
My article is a poem explaning why women are better than men. This focuses more on the attitude of women that made them better than men.
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