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Chris Breva
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I am a poet and editor of Mid-Ohio Valley Poetry Magazine. I have published four books of poetry in my lifetime. I write about a wide variety of topics. I really enjoy poetry.
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This page describes Mid-Ohio Valley Poetry magazine.
This is basically an advertisement. I hope to gain customers for my magazine and inform the world of its existence.
This is day fourteen since my back surgery and I feel like a new man. I was able to take a shower today with the doctor's permission of course. I am just not permitted to take tub baths as of yet.
This page is in response to an attack on my Lord and Savior from a man who tried to take one passage of scripture and twist it to mean what he wanted it to mean. This is my answer and hopefully, way of sitting the record straight for those readers he may have confused.
This page is a thank you for all my friends who have stood by me these past few weeks. I made the decision today that I would not have to go through a detox unit after all to discontinue the pain killers, This page will discuss that decision and more.
This is a poem I wrote about the resurrection of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know many people don't believe as I do. I wish they did but God will sort then out in the end. I'm not God. I'm just one of his mouthpieces. I hope you enjoy the poem.
This page will discuss a job opportunity that I had today. It will discuss why I passed the opportunity up. It will state that there was about 100 people applying for the positions available, It will discuss my qualifications for the job and why I feel I would have been hired.
This page is about my amazing day just eleven days after extensive back surgery. It goes to show the power of prayer. It also goes to show that a person recovers faster when they have a good support system like I have. I describe that here.
This page is about my trip to church last night, July 3, 2013 after having surgery on my back last Monday June 24, 2013. It will discuss the fact that we studied the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5: 22 - 23,
I took a bus trip today, just 1 week after posterior lumbar fusion surgery. This page talks about the progress I have made since my surgery on Monday, June 24, 2013. It discusses the challenges that still lie ahead as well.
This is a report of how I am doing since my surgery. It is also my way of saying thank you to some heroes who really stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the ninth and swung for some home runs during this time by reaching out to my wife and I with love and prayers of support.
This page is about my recent neursurgery. I had a pinched nerve at the L4-L5 level , which was corrected by surgery on Monday June 24. This is a report about that surgery.
This is my final note to everybody before I go into surgery in a few hours for my back. It is some instructions on how I will keep you posted.
This page discusses my upcoming surgery. I have gone to the effort of doing some background checks on my doctor. I will discuss them here also.
I was almost duped by a fraudster today. Fortunately I was cautious enough to call and check it out before I decided to bite.
I hope you all enjoy the following poems as much as I enjoyed writing them. It is always a thrill for me to introduce new material because I I dearly love to write poetry. I have taken the liberty of explaining the forms in a little bit of detail here. I hope you enjoy that too.
I think you will find the following poems very interesting. I know I certainly enjoyed writing them. I'm going to be taking a short sabbatical due to surgery so I want to try to get some poetry in before I go. Haiku and Tanka are a real delight to my soul and I hope you enjoy them as ...
If anything makes a poet feel good it is to be asked to write more poetry. I was asked specifically to write the following haiku. The cinquain are an added bonus.
Announcing my upcoming back surgery and leave of absence. I broke my back some time ago and finally am getting the damage repaired.
This is about our picnic today for the Adult Basic Education Priogram of Wood County West Virginia and also about the graduation of my son at McKinley Elementary School in Parkersburg West Virginia.
My back pain has a name and a very good reason for being. I'm naming them Grimace and Horror!
Did God just cloth Adam and Eve? Or did He do more tan simply cloth them? Did he also make them mortal by putting them in skin?
This page discusses whether homosexuality is by choice or by nature? If by nature why do we not see it in other animals around us?
Have you ever listened to the rain? This poem is about my afternoon listening to the rain. It discusses the sound of the rain on the window panes and rooftops and how it affected me.
The Apostle Paul was a fascinating character in Christian history. He wrote a large portion of the New Testament. He preached in many cities throughout the New Testament world. This article summarizes his life.
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