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I'll try not to make my writing too cathartic but it does you good to get things off your chest. I was lucky enough to retire early. I like preservation railways & books.
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An asian guy accuses me of being 'subliminaly racist'. Why and was he right? (Names have been changed to protect the innocent).
As the bullying issue continues in the headlines, Kev looks at an example of bullying that should be tolerated.
Super-injunctions have been in the news recently. I'm no legal-eagle but it's clear that we're being kept in the dark and it's not right.
If you're fed up of traffic wardens and local councils behaving like the Gestapo, join the campaign for fair and decent behaviour. This is a David & Goliath story!
Kev praised The London Underground on Wikinut recently but last Wednesday's shambles prompts a major rethink.
.....said the lady on the train sitting near me. Here I try to repair my bumbling response and maybe, that lady will stumble across this article.
A few feathers were ruffled by the appearance of Gok Wan on Desert Island Discs (DIDs) this week. Gok's achievements, described by one listener as 'slight and unimportant', prompts Kev to ask if the makers of the programme are being sucked into the vortex of Celebrity culture. Plus,...
The London Underground is a great way to get around but using cash to pay for it can damage your finances. Find out how the Oyster card will save you money, plus, what to do if it doesn't work!
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