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I love writing; an efficient way to pen down my thoughts and feelings. I write on biotech, health, personal experiences, recipes etc. Also find my writings at ""
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Pesarattu is a famous breakfast item in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh (India). I just love pesarattu. It has a unique taste and it goes well with either coconut chutney or groundnut (peanut) chutney or ginger chutney or tomato chutney. I will provide recipes of all the above chutneys i...
Peanut or groundnut chutney is one of the favorites for Indians. As I said before in my articles, this chutney goes well with idli, dosa and pesarattu. You can also have it with hot rice and ghee.
The recipe for coconut chutney is very simple and you can make it within 15 minutes. It goes well with idli or dosa or pesarattu. You can also eat it with hot rice and ghee. Just yummy.
Pott’s disease is caused by a pathogen named Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This pathogen usually causes tuberculosis in lungs i.e. pulmonary tuberculosis. It can also cause tuberculosis in other parts such as spine, genitals, nervous system, lymphatic system etc and it called as extra...
This article discusses about the importance of upright posture and implications in spinal curvature. Posture and spinal curvature are important risk factors to be considered for many spinal problems.
Through this article i want to inform everyone about EdX which offers FREE online courses in different fields. Yes!!! You heard it right. The courses are free!!!!! That too from prestigious institutions and well renowned professors . EdX is formed by the collaboration between Harvard ...
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This wonderful picture was captured when I recently visited Rhino And Lion Nature Reserve in South Africa. A must visit on a trip to Gauteng, South Africa.
Brinjal is called as King of all the vegetables. Among the different types of brinjal recipes, I love "Stuffed Brinjal curry" very much. In Andhra Pradesh (India), we call it as "Gutti vankaya kura". According to me, one should never miss this Brinjal recipe. So do try it if you hav...
Can anybody explain in detail about the process of uploading multiple images under one section?
Here, i want to ask a question which is regarding managing our comments?
Here I discuss about the three basic ethical principles identified by Belmont Report, which are essential to the ethical conduct of human research.
Sometimes in our real life, things happen just like they show in some movies. Here I’m sharing with you all one of my funniest (Don’t know whether to call it as funny!!!) and at the same time somewhat scariest experience of mine when I was in Bangalore, India.
Here I discuss about how the first international code of human research ethics came into existence.
Here I talk about the different useful properties of spices concentrating mainly on medicinal properties.
Before my marriage I used to just help my mom during cooking. That helped me to learn many recipes from my mother. Dosa is a favorite breakfast of mine. ( Ofcourse, for so many people in India). I got many accolades for my dosa recipe. Kudos to my Mother. Here I am sharing the dosa re...
Rino Rappuoli coined the term Reverse vaccinology (RV). It is a process where the entire genome sequence of a pathogen will be screened and then bioinformatics tools help us to find out the genes which code for antigenic proteins, against which vaccines can be developed.
Animals expect only three things from us. Affection is the first one, affection is the second one and again affection is the third one. That’s what I experienced in my real life incident.
Here i talk about the steps involved in Chemical Carcinogenesis and types of chemical carcinogens.
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