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A post graduate working with a Company at Bangalore. Exploring places, networking and sharing knowledge is what I like.
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Well if you like solving puzzles give this one a try. Most of us who took this couldn't solve. Will you do it?
Very few of the people outside India know about the varieties of cuisines available in India. I am listing down 5 of those which I like and am sure that you will also fall in love with once you try.
A day out with friends exploring the unexplored after a long stressed office days
It was not easy but they did it. Sacrificed their lives and fought with the rulers to give 30 crore countrymen a better future. Let's learn about them and let's learn from them.
A 26 year young boy discovers his poor fitness status during a single day outdoor outing, this motivates him to be fit and work for his health.
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