Erin Miller

Erin Miller
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Erin Miller is a visual artist, graphic designer, writer, and performance poet.
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Recent pages by Erin Miller

This is a poem about persisting through all the odds thrown at you. Some people will never believe you can accomplish anything. Others will get intimidated by you. It's best to just go on.
This is a poem for those who have ever been made fun of due to their weight. It is a tough life and even if you are trying to lose the weight some people will judge you no matter what.
A poem to inspire... Or just self-reflection It is a poem about taking control of your own life even through all doubts, even if the doubts come only from within...
Dowling College can lead you to be successful if you only put the necessary work in and think creatively.
This is a contest for all poets and spoken word artists to have their voices heard.
This is a poem of self-reflection going through doubts and eventually overcoming them.
This is a poem about success. It is how persisting even through failures can lead to success depending on your tenacity, passion, drive, and more
This is a poem about new generations of people and the hypocrisy therein. It is aimed to both inspire and to make people question their current life styles.
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