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I am a full time employee, part time mom as my work gets much of my time a wife that has an on and off duties to her husband (hubby's abroad most of the time). ..and I so love blueberry cheesecake!
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There are a lot of idiomatic expressions used in business and this one trully proves to be of use.
In order for us to adopt in the fast changing world and in order for us to be able to compete and stay in the game, a change should always be welcome. However, change itself should be well planned, well thought , well researched and should not be detriment to the organization and its ...
a poem expressing one's longingness towards the absence of a love one.
A short review of the book Chasing Harry Winston. Light, and feel good book that will help the reader realize the importance of how one live his/her life. Troubles, worries and challenges are part of our lives and we should not thrive to cling to them.
It has been almost 3 weeks since my last article and I totally miss wikinut.
Once a woman experience the joy and pain of motherhood, her life will never be the same.
Christmas is not just a season ... it should be within us throughout the year and celebrated all year round.
This is a short story about a teenager in her junior year in high school who transferred school and experienced the difficulty of fitting in an environment where she does not have any friends.
Story about friendship.. the girl treats the guy as a friend but the guy wanted more.
Online business or earning opportunities have become a hot topic in the net due to unlimited internet access.
Being a working mom... away most of the time from my daughter makes me miss her so much.
SWOT Analysis identifies the areas of concerns a n organization need to focus their attention to.
No ideas? what does it take for one to write and share?
Driving carefully does not guarantee that you will not encounter an accident. However, it is always necessary for you to be careful and make sure to follow road signs and rules.
Driving can really be stressing specially if there are no traffic. Yet, vehicles are slowly moving.
We all have secrets, things and feelings better kept hidden and controlled.
People are the most valuable resource of the company. They are the ones trained to promote the business.
Two minds ... two hearts .. that never became one.
The innocence and happiness of a child is beyond comprehension.
Life is full of lessons and we should learn to appreciate all whether negative or positive.
Money ain't everything, though we need it to survive and buy things, we should always remember that it will never buy happiness.
a short poem about my personal experience of how I found my true love
sleepiness during work hours causes less production.
The article tackles the positive and negative consequences of long hours of work.
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