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The nostalgia for a past love, a wonderful love :)
feel the scent of your skin golden, beautiful :)
Unrequited love, of course a wonderful title, I hope you like this poem, I will not climb over for a little while for some family problems
The fire of passion that transmitting your eyes and the stifling heat of your embrace confused today in the wind. What a wonderful phrase :)
Just no words for this. It's beautiful, just read it and will see
Love can replace all, no time or space for love :)
A love in which a person surrenders entirely to another :)
Few of the many reasons to love a person. Enjoy please :)
My lips are the hallmark of yours, what a beautiful phrase :)
Love is not my fault. Love does not choose, you choose
A beautiful poem, a story that nice way combination
but the years we mistreat their grooves, observe the beautiful memories. What a beautiful phrase
Want To Be Eternal Night, and the title is very good. Enjoy
No words, just read it and draw their conclusions, stunning
To me it made me think about love over, love a person can not control
All people want to be something to be close to that special person,''would be your tears to be part of your emotion, her eyes so precious, and go all over your cheek and end in beautiful mouth
Last night, memories of a night never forgotten, they are beautiful
Take Care Of Me. A quiet love, a wonderful love :)
Even in the most difficult times, the life of a person (known or unknown) can give a new reason to live
How beautiful it is to be near the person you love to see her laugh, see her eyes and stay frozen in his beautiful image
How often we miss things unattainable, this poem is very TRIZTAN for me
New born perhaps more thorns roses. What a beautiful phrase :)
Let go of me, as the title says, a failed love, a love finish
Love does not only exist between couples, is the love of family, love of friends :)
beautiful poem by a woman to a man. Enjoy it with patience
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