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Tend to write what comes into my head or promote others websites
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A list of the best keywords and tags to use when submitting written work.
Matesgate is a social networking site that pays it's members up to 90% of site revenue - find out how.
The tricks used by mediums to read minds and speak to the dead
the existence of Multiverses and alternative reality can be proved
A defense of my right to smoke. As far as I am aware smoking is still legal
Writing sites are flooded with lame poetry, full of pretentions and arrogance, but i don't get it
Recently Ausralia has been in the weather wars, is there any reason why?
A look at feminism and whether or not it really exist
What is Sharia law?, what is its origin? A brief essay to explain the birth of Sharia
We need to do something to protect our species - I have an Idea
A brief article about self publication and promotions
A study of why the British seem to be obsessed by the weather
I have no idea why wasp are so short tempered - The seem to have serious insect issues
Political Correctness is term that is used in everyday language. However, what does it really mean?
A list of 10 things I don't understand. just a little bit offbeat
Tips and advice on how to create a successful article
When washing your handes, have you ever wondered how soap works?
I was once a total football anorak - scores, fixtures and teams, I knew the lot. Not anymore
How to lose and control your weight, without expensive diets and gym membership
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