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I am Cardiff University Student studying Media, Journalism and Cultural studies. I am trying to be neutral and non-judgemental. I think it allows to see the situation or story from different angles.
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It is one of the most moving stories I have ever watched with very original idea to the core of the story. The movie is not about war, although the action takes place during World War I. The story is about the friendship between Joye, the horse and its young owner Albert.
The hero is suffered to be himself (Emerson, 1860). As well as being a great adventure movie, "Hercules" movie show heroes from a little bit different perspective. The message is that you do't have to be a God to be a hero.
The travelling around the Iceland of Madeira has lots to offer to those who likes to explore new places. Discover Levada walks, the edge of Pico Ruivo and traditional “toboggan ride.”
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