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C.S. McClellan
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Blogger and self-published author
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According to the most recent edition (2013) of the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical  Manual of Mental Disorders, there is no such thing as Asperger’s Syndrome. We’re all autistic now.
In the bad old days, when democracy and communism were supposedly in a battle to the death, Russian propaganda tried to convince that country’s citizens that the sidewalks of America were lined with starving beggars holding out their hands for a coin or two.
We all know the drill. Old people spend their declining years looking backwards to a better world than the one they’re living in now. They reject change and new technologies, and wonder “What’s the matter with kids today?”
Writing about anything that can’t be neatly labeled is a frustrating experience. What do you call a memoir that has to be fictionalized to protect someone you’re writing about? Is it still a memoir if part of it hasn’t happened yet? If you don’t know how it will end?
America has two death sentences. One of them is specifically designed to end life. The other death sentence is invisible and almost unknown to the public. It, too, ends life, but slowly over years and decades.
Shake isn’t your everyday vampire, and his story isn’t your everyday cliche-filled vampire novel. Shake is a vampire for intellectuals, if you want to be snobby about it. He’s a philosopher, even if his philosophy is somewhat cold-blooded.
Here at the beginning of the 21st century, our understanding of sanity and insanity isn’t a great deal more sophisticated than it was a century ago.
One of the most basic human assumptions is that we all share the same kind of consciousness. Even when we accept that different cultures produce very different kinds of people, we prefer to believe that there is a fundamental something called human consciousness.
This is a weekly blog that analyzes, from many angles, the ongoing decline and fall of industrial civilization. One of its major themes is the demand for continual growth and the world’s dependence on shrinking energy resources to fuel that growth.
How easy is it to self-publish your books? The truth? It’s harder than some enthusiasts would have you believe. It’s a long process, but not terribly difficult if you’re a willing learner.
Ever since self-publishing has become a significant part of the book business, writers have been the target of advice-givers, eager to tell them how to do it. But advice should always be taken with a grain of salt.
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