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iam an online poetry writer and a part time factory worker
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now who says dull colors is isn't attractive ?.. some scary..now a days this dull colors already sharing the center stage in every fashion event.. and some other stuff. and not only that .. compared to the colorful stuff.. more and more women chose dull colors to stay for a lifetime i...
the happiest year has just about to begun,so time to celebrate. and learned all the different new year tradition from all over the world
the children is the hope of our land... that's one line in our national heroes quote..the children who never knew what the real world was all about.. they just knew it was just a ground for play... when i was a child i used to think of this too.. that the world was just a world , a pl...
were now on a fast phase of life.. that no matter what, we can really never stop the latest changes in our life.. so just like what they often say better follow the latest rather than never....because no matter how much we don't like to follow. it simply carrying us . our curiosity, ...
they say mostly, your beautiful when your on with make up. lots of accessories your true beauty reveals.... just like in all of those elite,celebrities?? but is that really the true definition of beauty?? check this out!!!
now that the economic crisis keeps on buckling up , who says you cant get in touch with the latest trends, in small budget!! being a fashionable who says its just for the rich !!!?ones its just a matter of being creative,and at the same time the matter of adjustment of being practica...
how do you supposed to tell someone that you love that you love him nor her, if there's been a lot of hurdle stopping you from telling it?? have you got one of this problem!!! try to find out the solution
this poetry may be weird enough ,because of its title !! which means the fool, the bad then the stranger ,then some what reflect to me as a writer then as a person!!! i actually write brutally sometimes!!! even in just the way of poetry
sometimes we seek advices from other people , but most of the time we want to keep in a private manner , most especially when we care that much for our love ones , we don't want them to bother our problem!! but despite of that their really showing their true care and love for us!!
who says you cant enjoy life despite of poverty, take a closer look on my life!!! LOL!! but honestly that was the reason why everybody seems getting ,i mean find me amazing!! although some thought im crazy!!! but it was my life!! who cares anyway!!??LOL !!after all im just enjoying i...
well everybody now a days will do anything and everything for money!!! who doesnt want it anyway??? the star , the real deal, the joy of having it!!! huh!! you cannot really compare!!! aside from being inlove isnt!!! well heres the simple description of money !!
well, it really hard to change whats been done already, just like the sky, it been done blue already and no one can change it,, no matter how much we wanted too but theres such a thing like imagination , playful imagination , sometimes happy, sometimes sad, where there is im possib...
this words really reflects,and tells who am i as a person, i actually got this from a postcard, long time ago, everytime i felt the world hates me this words cheering me up!!!and whoever is the author of this postcard !!! i want to thank him or maybe her!! perhaps!!!
writing, may never respond in all of my sentiments, but through this i can follow the voice inside of me without hesitation
dancing is a good exercise!! but what could be if you cannot do it!! what could be if your not sexy like me!!they say too dancing is only meant for sexy guys and gals!!
its always nice to share and give inspiration to someone
they say laughter is the best medicine, who says poetry is just for romance!! it could be playful and fun too for the young at heart !!!
the true meaning of life,,, it as really a mystery , but what makes it special thats the mystery!!!
whew!! i just don't know if everything happen on just an isolated case but why it seems their choosing this date!!! just curious, then somewhat feeling scare does this means iam a jinx!!!
every little things seems tough enough!! but as long as you've got the courage and dreams you can still live happily!! theres no such impossible things!! after all!
well it was not right to copy ones act!! i thought it was normal before!! because your just admiring them, well as the saying goes once is enough twice is too much!!iadmire too much thats why!!
who says when your little , you cant grow big??if you really wanted to live life and at the same time earn who says its impossible theres no such impossible dream if you really wanted to enjoy life
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