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Hello there, Seems all I've been writing here is Film reviews. Come and peruse my gallery of classics and contemporaries that I've irreverently had a look at then talked about at great length!
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RED - Robot's En Disguise? c'est non! It's Helen Mirren with le Sniper Rifle? c'est Magnifique! I don't know why that was in French...
The Clash? Should it stay or should it go? Does it Rock the Casbah? ....sorry, couldn't help myself.
It's like a SAW movie, on it's day off. With a Bad American accent.
Mystery? Horror? Sci FI? Fantasy? Dream? Reality? Bread? Milk? Eggs? Kitchen Sink? All of the Above.
Alice is Back and looking gooooood. Don't worry she's nineteen *Phew*
Chinese mobsters have stolen his heart, and he's going to go get it back - in an Al Pacino Way not a Julie Andrews way.
"Ninja Assassin? Isn't a ninja an assassin? is that like Water Drink? or Dinner Food? - Oh! that man doesn't have a head any more, nevermind..."
"God doesn't like us any more" "What, so we've got like 5 seconds before He just blinks us out of existence?" "No, All the angels are in human form coming to kill one pregnant lady..." "What?"
Its a list you should go by, films not to be missed in 2010!
tie 10,000 balloons to the top of your house and see how far you get....
The Aliens Have landed! great, Quarantine? nah! Put them in a shanty town on the edge of the city.
what would happen if it was Guy Ritchie, it was London and it was 1895......
This is what happens when i let my guard down and flex my sensitivity muscle for someone.
Everyone around you is a blood thirsty, pale faced, yellow eyed, demonic, ruthless being bent on getting their next Portsmouth on a Saturday night..
Steven Seagal Plays a mild mannered cook....a hard kicking, knife throwing, gun toting, grenade throwing cook...
Tarantino does a World War II if there wasn't enough blood.
Harry Brown, a film that addresses the many issues of youth shooting them in the face...
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