Stephanie T

Stephanie T
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I love to be creative by singing, acting, painting, making head pieces, swimming and writing. I love travelling and could do it forever. When I was younger I wanted to be a mermaid, and I still do. I love adventures, life should be one.
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The story of the man Christopher McCandless for me is truely amazing, here is a review of the film, and how this man thought.
Dolphins to me are very special creatures, I would like to express my views on them and how my experiences have enabled me to understand their spiritual side.
My time spent in Tanzania was one to remember, it has been six years since I went, I was 17 and I can honestly say that it has influenced me more than I could of imagined.
Your on a high and full of confidence after graduating, however the realisation of the job search can drag you down. Here's some tips and helpful information.
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