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Creator of the Lokians Science Fiction series. Author of Shadowman, Cayneian, and several short stories. Blogger.
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Just some tips on how to bring back story to a story
A young man goes to a club, fails to drown his problems in alcohol, and then makes some bad decisions. Hilarity ensues. This is another project I want to give out to anyone who wants to use it. Please, if you do like it and want to do something with it, just include me- Aaron Dennis -...
A new project wherein I write short pieces for anyone out there, who wants to use them. I ask only that if you perform these, you use my name- Aaron Dennis as executive writer in your credits.
I analyze The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Elliot
This page is about why writing great and how it can be used to obtain financial freedom.
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