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I am a freelance writer and composer. I love writing poems and journal too.
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There's always a way to do it simple. Like any other, many people nowadays wanted things to be done in a most simplest way. Wanted just to do things in a button is the common answer.
One concept has to undergo renovation if not changed. Recently, it is clearly manifested at home.
The robot has celebrated its 90th birthday in the world last January 25, 2011. It’s been a long way for the robots. The same way with humans, robots evolve its kind unceasingly that is often considered a threat to the human race. How will that happen? The traces are already undeniab...
The blues of a poet that I happens to speak with me and confide how he got all the inspirations. Another inspiring artist that amazed me.
Having trouble with snowchain is a common thing on the road. Here is tip for you to avoid it.
Another skyscrapers to astound us. The Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group created another extraordinary towers that will amaze the world. Here, it is for you to see.
Faith drives anyone to travel and visit even in a distance land. Devotees cling with their hopes and long for a miracle to happen.
Lines, curves, shades, shadows, light; they are just a few elements of the what we call ART. An element is necessary for every creation before it can be called art. To create a master piece needs a hand and a heart that will bring an inspiration to life.
There must be an interesting place where you can have the adventure you desire at the same time the luxury you expected from a Five Star Hotel.
A story about love and sacrifice that was bound by its culture.
Why are we in pursuit of success and does it really make us happy?
Writing article is fun but earning through it can be too demanding that sometimes make it unattractive to many.
There are few reasons why Koreans love to visit Philippines. And that's what makes it interesting.
An exotic food and the famous delicacy in the Philippines that is worth it for your first bite.
Molting process could be a threat for the hermit crabs. There has to be done to save them.
If you are wondering about an exercise that will fit you, then I suggest barefoot running and walking is good for you. The old way has something to say with the health and endurance of the people in the past. Is it safe? Yes, there is a way and the right stuff for that.
You are probably worried of what to give to your kids for them to take care of as a pet and that will never harm them. Easy to maintain. Fun and interesting colorful designs. Have a few of the hermit crabs available from any pet store near you.
Replicas are just about everywhere. They tempt you in their style but do they really worth your pay?
A few of my written collections and examples that talks about Blues Poems.
What can we expect with Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Movies this Year 2011?
Why do I need to talk about waking up? What’s the big deal about it? Will life change if someone knows why he has to wake up?
Simply true, humans appear to have an active pheromones and is read by a cell tissue in our brain–the most important organ involved associated with behavior.
The world has changed a lot and it keeps changing. The past was far beyond the present. And the changes are quite obvious.
There has to be another way of purchasing goods and stuff than going to the department stores. In the Philippines, we have direct selling as the common way of doing that.
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