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PaulWADE - PulpKult
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Poetry, observation on a fairly long life of changes and events.
A Novel is (I hope) in the making, I shall talk about that more, later on no doubt.
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A man (Peter) is working too hard. Getting nowhere. He takes a break, but is HE broken?
Three close friends, have decided to go Hiking in Cornwall. "Are we really going in October?" Ah but they do, forgetting it is Halloween.
As the three worry about night closing in they think they see help on the horizon. "Are they people?" It could be........
Introducing Taläèm, a Sidhè and Faerie Prince. The writer and keeper of the "FaerieTomes."
I am venom.. It takes a Log time to get what you want. This about a long, long wait for revenge...
Man wants to be immortal. So do the Corporations. What if it happens at the same time?
Every one has their own story. Some, less pleasant than others.
If one wants to escape the day. Usually, one sleeps through the night.
The peacefulness of a Cemetery. The visitors to a grave-side. The thoughts one has.
Gordon Sykes, believes he has found all the answers. If a person retreats into their own mind. What will they learn? Having done so, can they get back? Do they even want to?
Mind-Set:-If you ever try to stop and think; you may just find that you can not.....
Robert is in deeper than he thought, Mr Eyes & Hips, misread their position some-what while Rosy could surprise us all.
Rosy found a flash drive, but couldn't open it without breaking the encryption. Robert had to Kill the big Ugly guy, who threatened his cover. Its almost time for the "exchange" money for data........
Rosy, Robert and Brian, (Brian now deceased) each somehow involved with the "Group." An international chain of extremely high-tech and dangerous thieves. Interpol and now the local Police are tracking the Group, but two deaths confuse Robert, who has just made it inside the Group. How...
Accidental Encounters. PART TWO. Rosy has learned that her boyfriend of six months is dead. Murdered in a department store, on "late night shopping" Thursday. Robert, late for his strange appointment, see's his dead land-lady. Mrs Henderson. Roberts first reaction was to vomit.
Why are these people so interesting. How is that one of them died, on Thursday night - late night shopping?..
The Last Broken Morning. Conflict of though, beauty Vs despair.
The Kangaroos Ghost, tells how the mind can play tricks with you. In Australia the mining towns are like islands in the "bush", or desert. To get to and from those places by road can be quite a task.
A brief note on the horror and the pain of a service young soldiers are obliged to make. It is brief, but so are some of their lives.
"Same Day Commute" came from a memory of commuting when I lived in London as a young man. It took two hours every day. True there were not iPhones, or Laptops in those days but Poetic License is allowed....
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