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Mike Durell
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Antiquarian Book Dealer, musician, actor, writer. I like to write about baseball history, rock and roll music, the performing arts in general and fiction too! Stay tuned!
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Everyone knows the story of Bill Mazeroski's famous 'sayonara' home run in the last of the ninth inning of the Seventh Game of the 1960 World Series, but there was a whole host of drama, some puzzling managerial moves, and one historic bad rap prior to Maz's historic drive.
In one of the most famous games in major league history, New York Giants rookie Fred Merkle made a blunder that guaranteed him immortality and haunted him for the rest of his life. Was this infamy fair?
How country style blues music was transformed from a 'niche' into mainstream entertainment.
The eighth and final game of the 1912 World Series was one of the most nail-biting, improbable, fantastic, and amazing ever! Not even the imagination of the most celebrated writer of fiction could have come up with a scenario like this!
Part Two of the unbelievable story of the 1912 World Series.
Which World Series was the best for sheer edge of your seat excitement? The view from here is that the 1912 Fall Classic wins the prize. For twists and turns the Series of 101 years ago takes the prize.
Historically, William Randolph Hearst and his brand of 'yellow journalism' is credited (or blamed) for inflaming American public opinion against the Spanish in Cuba to the point were armed intervention was inevitable. Is this a fair charge? What was Hearst's role in the conflict?
Which of the recent spate of rock and roll biographies is worth a read? Which may have been ghosted? Which are rehashes of old press clippings?
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