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I am a 64 year old Grandmother of 2. I live in Phoenix Arizona. I like to write about real life & fantasy life
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Farewell Jive we hardly knew you, but we love and will miss you
Life has come full circle for Jive what can possibly be next
Jerome is making it but his biggest challenge is on the way
The show is on the road. Nothing to look back to for Jerome. the door handle is turning.
Why me Lord? what did I do to deserve this? Or have I lost my mind?
Jerome feels happiness that has eluded him for such a long time. A truth hovers but remains out of sight.
with his new Identification Jerome wants a fultime job, but he has no past to present in order to build a future.
Jive's only hope to start a new life lay in underworld resources
Jive was doing well but still unsatisfied, it was time to go
still unknown to each other,brothers Myron & Jerome are face to face
A close encounter of the shocking kind to both parties
where are the memories & who is there to remember?
Jerome Edgemont had a hardworking but bright future.
The frantic morning activities on my behalf have began
God in his mercy will step in when enough is enough
They try to keep me busy, but I am beyond involvement and caring. A chapter in a story of an aged woman.
You really never miss your abilities until they are gone fore ever.
Life can throw some wretched and cruel curves at us when we least expect them
It is the little everyday comforts that Lucifer uses against us
Before going out to face the world, it's good to check yourself.
It is hard to get rest when your husband is always working
After everything else fails to work, Mother knows best
Would'nt it be awful to not be wanted anywhere by anyone ever.
Being an old lady sometimes romantic memories invade my day to day problems.
No matter how hard we endeavor or try to accomplish in favor of our loved ones, it is never enough
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