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Do elderly people have something to share with others? Some believe they do. Their life experiences can be rich and their insight can be worth listening to. If you don't believe so, I say, give them a second chance. Why do I say this? One main reason is (you guessed it) I'm elderly. Did you know we "senior citizens" feel like we are still 20 or 30 at times? We have the same brains we had when we were younger. In some cases, aging has been a true asset because of certain wisdom gained. But memory can let us down also--sometimes. I have met very few younger persons who don't have some memory lapses --at times quite serious ones. All in all, I expect my age to be an asset when it comes to writing. So, pay close attention--you may find something of real interest in what I choose to write about.
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This poem starts on a sad note, but ends with hope and love.
Just as Jesus offered lessons from the natural world, we find gardening has spiritual lessons for us today.
In view of today's food prices and the toxins in food, many are seriously thinking of growing their own. Perhaps the information here will get you started.
Parables are are story with a point, lesson, or moral. This one I hope paints a vivid picture of most of us and what we can do to change.
If you ever wondered about the ancient sanctuary in Israel and what it had to do with the plan of redemption, as we know about it in the new testament, this may give you some insight on the subject.
The laws of health are actually quite simple, but inspite of this, many fail to obey them for their best health. Here is a summary of these laws in a nutshell.
When you are older you look back on life and would like the young to realize something which should be obvious, but usually is not.
The world is speeding up it seems--more disasters, strange calamities, as well as the usual. Many recognize it is all coming to a head. Is this good news or bad?
Writing is a creative art. If you are like me you could always use a few hints on doing a better job. I hope these tips on writing will help a few to improve their writing skills.
Pretty gloomy outlook for any of us. Let us look up and live!
Humans often become perplexed about life in general, and at times become discouraged and unhappy about their own personal lives. Does the God who Created us understand and know us personally?
Perhaps you haven't considered the benefits of gardening before. Now is the time to take a look at what gardening, especially food gardening, can do for you and your family.
Our attitude can make a difference. This poem has to do with encouraging others in faith and positiveness and to trust that the future will improve. Our outlook in our day by day experiences can actually improve if we pray and trust in our Creator. Most of my poetry is to help others...
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