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I enjoy writing essays and fiction concerning all aspects of the sciences, particularly how they affect the world. History is a circle after all!
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Often people discover that your time is worth more than any amount of money. It is the experience of enjoying love, beauty, and interaction of family that makes life worth living. If you sell out to greed you will ultimately lose in the end.
Often the strongest resource management is by towns and cities that embrace the help of community management. These places repect nature and understand that they have to consider the future.
If what “Cablegate” eludes to is true then some Corporations are corrupt and have their hands in all aspects of national and international economics and environmental acts. The wars that are marring the lands of Afghanistan are heavily involved in corruption between...
Political/economic machinery has in all intents and purposes created a generation of integrated complacency among cultures. They have achieved this through a class system that has infiltrated the system of education through the advance of Modern technology. The loss of interating betw...
This is a poem that reveals the beauty of sharing nature with our kids. I remember the first time I heard the ocean. The smell of the salt air with the amazing natural wonders around me took my breath away. Then I saw my wife with our kids. She is a goddess!
Hamlet appeared crazy to the Queen and his false murderer. This was just a falsade to lure his killer out into the open. In order to get justice public opinion sometimes has to be pointed in the right direction.
These are poems dedicated to Israel and to world peace. This world was created for everyone, but G_d chose Israel to be his prophets.
Love is not something that is totally rational. It is filled with many abstract concepts hidden from the wise, prudent, and from others chasing material wealth instead of the eternal.
To fully understand the various religions of the world one must study in the field of Myth,Legend and folk tales. Delving into research will reveal some pleasant surprises for a individual seeking answers.
Love is a daily occurence that must be given freely in order to experience it. To be selfish is to stifle love's possibility.
This is a critical analysis of E.M. Forster's novel " Howard's End," in its movie form. The contrast of the big city and nature seem to be in direct opposition when a woman seeks to find true happiness with a man whom must break free from his own rat race.
This is a critical analysis of Lolita Files book “Child of God” and William Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark,”. Aa common theme of the supernatural shapes the lives of Hamlet and Lay. Both Hamlet and Lay encounter with these supernatural experien...
The thematic study of man’s evolving, or for some devolving; is portrayed in poems of Contemporary writers such as Carol Frost and others. Often by the entwining of Mythology, Literature and history, we can get a more vivid picture of who we are.
Antisemitism continued with the loss of education for the Jews and the indoctrination of non-jews in elementary schools. Kaiser Wilhelm institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics was instrumental in creating a type of Antisemitism that embraced a false science.
The historical development of falsehoods used to label the Jewish people. Often these falsehoods were tainted with superstition and historical accusations. Frequently it was those who most feared losing their economic and political power that brought these accusations foreward. An exa...
Another section dealing with the history and affect of Antisemitism. The cause of Antisemitism is clearly seen from the growth of industry, banks and goverment laws.
All countries must have consumers and producers in order to maintain a stable economy. The integration of all classes inside this economic machinery is the precondition for certain liberties within our society. Modernity was the driving engine behind Antisemitism’s crackdown on Jew...
The stigmatism and hardships that the mentally ill experienced in a society that has little tolerance for who they see as being different.
Analysis of Novel & Film of Presumed Innocent . A type of situation ethics is seen in the novel and film. Human nature often will go to great lengths to get revenge. Justice is forced to judge between degrees of innocence.
Critical Analysis of Carol Frost’s poem “Chimera. A thematic examination of her work. She is a very mythical author.
The Starlight in that cold diamond sphere looked down upon the wastelands here. (Lounsbury)
Time never really goes away, for it circles in the celestial equator going back on itself. Every word, every musical note a symphony.
A poem concerning the passion and ancient lore of love in haunted places.
Eleanor of Aquitaine mother of romance? Why she became the queen of both England and France.
A poem of heroic love and the woman that he imagines somewhere out there.
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