S. D. Tiwari

S. D. Tiwari
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Me is a management professioinal. I write poetry.
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Superannuation is transition of life into the next phase. It is a new morning of the life.
Sarojini Naidu is a great name in the world of poetry. Her poems could be sung sweet, so she got recognition as nightingale.
We can easily see hanged at the entrance of shops and homes, 5 to 7 chilli and lemon tied with a string in India
Go like the river is an inspiring poem written by S. D. Tiwari that inspires how to march on despite of obstacles.
We feel proud watching Sachin Tendulkar playing cricket in our lifetime.
Varanasi the religious city of Hindus. It is the adobe of Lord Shiva.
Who are devoted to God need nothing and who need nothing, they are the kings.
Indian national flag is a tricolor horizontal rectangular bar, on top saffron, in mid white and at bottom green with a twenty four spokes wheel at center.
This is a poetry containing the story of the dream that I saw.
Let us have faith in God, he gives everything, we need.
This poem is about happy life of childhood. Children have no ill thought, no worry and no fear.
A pair of triolet about the Autumn and falling leaves
This poem is about the mother and her love in triolet form
In this poem, the poet compares creatures with the droplets of an ocean.
Inner clock alarms, it is autumn and soon the winter would arrive. They would be covered by snow, going to face difficulty in thrive.
Different password for different work, how is possible to remember.
A short poem 'peeping window'. Every one tries to peep out and see others through a window keeping him unseen.
We see sometimes fools doing mistakes because they do not understand rightness of things. But is it rrally their mistake, what can they do if God has made him or her fool.
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