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I'm 31 years old and I'm a rookie in terms of writing. I'll try writing different topics.
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This is a summary and review of The Voice season 7 blind auditions.
This is a brief summary of how life in the province is.
This is a recap on The Voice semi finals performances. I also made a short review on the artist performances.
This is short summary of episode 1 and a quick review on 24 2014 TV Show
This is about the things that we want to do during summer. There are things that we want to accomplish before all things get frozen.
This is about kids born in the 80's. It is a comparison of kid's life in the 80's and today.
This is about a game called Snakes and Ladders which can be compared to life's everyday challenges
Mother's Day should be celebrated everyday. We should always be thankful to our mother for bringing us in this world, nurturing us physically, emotionally and spiritually.
This is a short review and recap of The Voice AU season 3. Kylie and Will.I.Am replaced Seal and Delta Goodrem.
This is about a person who grief for a lost love but stood up and started anew.
This is a fictional story of two security guards working in a big company.
This is about a mother who wants to breast feed her child but can't do it.
This is about a pawn's sacrifice to defend and save the queen on a chess game.
This is a poem about a dream of riding a magic carpet to reach the sky.
This poem is about summer ending in June and autumn is starting to come. This is about missing summer.
I watched a gay beauty pageant before and this is how they answered the questions.
This person is comparing her life to a mannequin, sometimes its nice to be mannequin, not feeling anything and forgetting all worries.
This is review and commentary on the voice season 5 episodes 1 and 2
This poem is about saying goodbye to the memories that was cherished.
I'm reviewing Final Fantasy I, it is one of my favorite final fantasy game. This is an RPG and its about saving the princess and the world.
This is about reality. In this world, sometimes we can't recognize which one is real and not.
This joke is about a jealous husband who always call his wife to find out where she is.
This is about a man who keeps committing sins but God loves him and always forgives him.
This poem is about the past the even though she regretted it, it still keeps coming back to haunt her.
This is for people who are trying to find someone or something that they can't find.
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