Bobby D. White

Bobby D. White
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I love poetry, it's a way of expressing my spirituality, my world of reality, and my hearts desire to be close to God.
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Recent pages by Bobby D. White

A poem about one love missing the other, and not knowing the other misses them even more.
Beautiful Sunny days, everybody loves them. But not many can stan the rain. The future can be worth waiting for,
A spiritual poem of the things we go through in this world and doesn't realize
A very spiritual poem about our todays world we live in and the things we go through unrealized.
Asking God about love, Relationship and a new beginning in his light, with his blessings.
An inspirational poem of how our youth needs us for their childhood memories, like the ones we had.
missing the beauty of a Love, A relationship, A kiss.
Some of us wait until the last minute to retain a lawyer, some get one early. What's best for you?
Appreciation to Mom and the warm smile she gave for many years.
An Appetite for your juicy pleasures, and late night tresures
If you're sick and tired of a dull Marriage or relationship, then here's a way to spice it back up.
A cheerful message about Our down falls, they still has blessings.
Growing up with a future as bright as the sky, does fast living and bad decisions darken our horizons? or is it always there?
Night dreams of pleasure, could they be real, or are they?
How Cable Companies are literally Confusing and uncomforting consumers.
To Mom, you are appreciated, for all your love and memories. Through the years.
The last prayer of one of God's battling Soldiers.
A tale of being driven by his Love for a women, his Faith in God and his belief, in things working through blessings
A poem: The Joys of Love, the blessings of God and Two hearts becoming one.
Two people, God, A couples faith. Will one man's belief pull them through.
A Poem of missing ones Love. Through prayer and trusting in God, that he will reunite it.
The beauty of Love and appreciation, and expressing it.
A story of my Philosophy, of how the mind can be the Devil's workshop, If God is forgotten
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