Kristina Draw

Kristina Draw
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I'm a stay at home mom who happens to love reading and writing just about anything especially poems.
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A short erotic story about a couple having an intense encounter while watching a movie.
Jordan met his beautiful neighbor one day at the elevator.
Lira had a estranged encounter with a childhood acquaintance during the reunion party.
Alice does everything for her family and cooking is one of her many talents. But even with her talent in the kitchen, her husband is a picky eater.
There was only few people at the library that night. Suddenly the light started flickering and people disappeared one by one.
How gelato is being made? Where gelato originated? How long is the shelf life of gelato after it was made?
it's a short story of how she met her husband and how she live her life with her husband and wonderful children.Simple things can be a big contribution to a simple yet happy living.
A two part poems one is entitled "Waiting" and the other is "Nightmare"
One of the many advantages of being married to a military man is you get a chance to be stationed in Europe,Germany. I saw the beauty of Bamberg in Northern Bavaria Germany, that is known for its high concentration of beer breweries which dates back more than 900 years.
About how kids love and enjoy playing with the snow.
No matter how hard and exhausting it can be, children always finds a way to make you smile. They can be jolly but testing our patience mostly qnd at the end of the day, they are as wonderful as they can be.
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