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Maria Malone
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A former English major, writing and photography is my passion.
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Spring is synonymous with new life and what better time than springtime to shed the old ways and live anew.
Ups and downs in life are compared to the weather and an old town clock in this poem. While we can't change certain things, there is hope in acceptance and I believe the ability to adapt leads to well being in our lives.
The warmer weather brings easy laid-back back days to relax with, reflect on, grow with, and to savor until long after summer ends......
This year It has been an extremely long, cold, and snowy winter and has left many, myself included, longing for Spring. Whether through memory or visualization, Spring comes to life in this poem long before it arrives.
I wrote While Butterflies Dance after observing butterflies while walking in the park on a summer day. Butterflies are beautiful and although they do not have a long life span they make every moment count. Their carefree dance was a joy for me to behold and the inspiration for the f...
Little distractions that come to mind often take us away from enjoying the moment. I wrote In Time to reflect living in the here and now free from those little distractions that rob us from fully living in the moment.
While snow is lovely in early winter when everything Is covered in glistening white, I wrote "Harsh Snow Day" after record snowfalls and frigid temperatures hit the northeastern part of the United States. I could not help but wonder how other people were coping with the snow and frigi...
It is often difficult to look back at events in our lives without harboring a few regrets. I wrote the poem 'The Egret Tree' after coming across a tree I saw while boating with my husband that was literally covered with egrets. When the wind blew they all flew away. This gave me t...
There is something magical about seeing newly fallen snow from your window. This poem compares the magical feeling that comes from viewing a winter snow scene with a scene found on a holiday greeting card.
Scenic poetry that takes you there: An endless summer feeling is uplifting no matter what the season and what I tried to create in "Gentle Breezes." in "Night Snow," I wanted to bring out the magic of newly fallen glistening snow and In "Beauty Dawning," I tried to recreate the beau...
Everyone needs a getaway from time to time, whether real or imagined. I wrote the first poem to help remember how it felt to get away to Puerto Rico some years ago. While the visit was only brief, I will never forget how rejuvenating the trip was and I wanted to recreate that carefr...
From the start of each day until we turn in for the night, there is much to see and experience and whether the experiences were good or bad the best part is knowing that each new day brings the chance for new and different experiences than what we had experienced the day before.
The first poem is a little poem that stresses simplicity in living and how we are all deserving of an affable life, that it is our 'immanent right.' The second poem deals with getting back what you give, or reflect out, which basically relates to the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as ...
The first two poems are reflective poems to help deal with loss in a turbulent world and to find calm in the everyday things we may see..... the third poem ends at Easter/Passover with a poem entitled, 'Promise of Light."
Last (and lasting) reflections about the artistry that is November.
Whether on a coffee break or actually getting away, take time to relax and enjoy life every moment that you can!
Sometimes what we need most is a serene place to find calm; turning the day's wrongs into right, and lead us to self-discovery through reflection.
It takes good timing and the ability to act to realize something you do not want to miss out on when the stars have all aligned and an opportunity presents itself.
We did not get Riley as a puppy, although I knew of Riley when he was a tiny puppy as he was my niece’s dog. He was an adorable and affectionate puppy and that was pretty much all I knew about Riley.......a story about the life of Riley, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
As much as I hate to see Summer go, I enjoy the brisk cooler days that Autumn brings. This poem reflects my thoughts as the season changes from light and airy summer days to a colorful brisk auburn fall and some reflections of the change.
I wrote these poems about dreaming, making a beginning, and finding inspiration. Believe, Dream, and Inspire.......these three words are what I have focused on in this article as I believe what we think about, with the help of what inspires us, is how we achieve and become.
I truly believe we are here to help one another in life but often the best of intentions are met with hostility. Change is difficult for most people even when a change is what is needed most. It is important for us to have good intentions toward others even when our timing isn’t...
During the storm, it was scary as the television broadcast that a tornado was heading toward our town and that we should retreat to the basement or interior part of our home.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel. A change in attitude is difficult but not impossible. Not all days can be sunny and bright. Some days bring drenching rain that leave little to do but wait it out for this too will end, and after the rain there may even be a rainbow.
Expressing gratitude is an important aspect of joyful living and kind deeds should be acknowledged and never expected from anyone or left unappreciated. Gratitude should be shown to family members, friends, acquaintances, and strangers; it matters not who is doing the kind deed, only...
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