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welcome to my page
i am 61years young and i live in suffolk in the uk i like to write about things i see or other people do both serious and amusing i hope you enjoy your visit

roy :)
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after my holiday last year my wife complained i had'nt written anything about it so here go,s
i wrote this shortly after christmas as a bit of reflection
this is for mothers everywhere just a word of thanks i actually wrote this for mothers day but im sure it applies to most occasions
as i work as a caretaker thought i would share this with others
for those people in a world not to good and those who try to give their all
just a few words of grattitude to stars no longer with us
owning cats i thought i would give a cats eye view so to speak
a look at youth today and how rules and attitudes have changed
having grown up with David,s music it inspired me to write a short tribute
whilst on holiday in brighton i noticed they had a large homeless community which inspired my poem
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