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Companies are just holding their profit, they don't bother about the health of customer who trust their brands.
Wikinut, being an most demanded platform for emerging writers is promoting writers to think more, write more & create more. Come on join this era.
Some times we go on shopping for those items which are of popular brands and which have a good creativity in their advertisements. But be careful before having that.
I may not be living safe, if you were not with me. i would be deep in river if you have not given me the side. You are everything, Lord Krishna. Feel the love.....
if your relatives are angry from you and preventing you to go for what you love to do, then this poetry is an must read for you.
The word Mother itself is an immortal word, which cures the pain of every child. And here is the poem devoted to every mother. May good keep her safe, happy and give her a long life.
We keep running behind bodies of peoples and thinks it as love, but love is something that step down to soul, and something what is below.
Every time I feel you in myself, you remain near heart, every moment, every time. Devoted to all lovers, feel the heat of heart. keep enjoying and keep loving.
keep reciting the name Shiva, before you walk away from this world of illusion. he will take you out from all traps.
Call Your Success, Drop your failure Down. We need to follow our aim with our hard work and keep going. At the last success will follow us.
You may also feel so lonely without someone, so join me and feel it.
Never Cry for what is gone, just think that the gone is gone forever and never could be back, but try for better than what has lost.
This Poetry is devoted to Lord Rama. I hope You enjoy. Be careless, when you are on the feet of Lord Rama.
This is the religious work of writing and devoted to the Great Lord Rama.
Apple the brand of brand and apple Iphone is the other name of luxury mobile phone, so here this content contains my self experience of using apple iphone 4 16 gb.
The Lord Krishna remains in every loving heart. And he is the other name for the deep, true, and pure love.
i keep looking you girl. whatever would be the choice of my luck. but i keep living in your eyes.
How sweet would be the time, if i and you would become we. just think for the moments with me. if you smile by thinking that, so i say yes, that would be the thing, if I and You would be We.
if you love someone, you will understand and feel this poetry and i hope you will love it for sure.
when we start any work that is related with our career and success, we are much confident that we can do it better but when start and go we falls 2 steps down but that is our learning steps. the 2 steps we fall makes us learn that we can step 4 more. so never break down in your life a...
There are many schemes and many prank groups playing with the emotions and financial life of peoples. the peoples without knowing much about them get trapped in their schemes in the need of fast money which is mostly not possible without our own sense and hard work. i just need you to...
This is a beautiful poetry to read. A must read poetry for you.
Today, our needs are growing with the growing population and the needs contain many things in which furniture and house decoration is one of them for which many of the trees are made dead. I invite you to join this revolution of preventing this one tree from cutting.
Kolkata, Sep 7 : Aimed at servicing 100 cities belonging to the tier 1 and tier 2 categories, India's largest multi-specialty hospital chain Narayana Health (NH) plans to open around 60 super-specialty hospitals across the country, an official said here Saturday.
The outsourcing news opened some of the facts about the politics of India. which became the big news for the day. let us now about this news in deep by reading this page. what it speaks about and what it conclude.
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