Human Being

Human Being
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Just a random human being.. Born in this world.. Without his choice.
This is the standing of Human Being in our community - the further right, the more of a Wikinut they are!

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Humanities disciplines are not given equal importance in India. People opt for either Science or Commerce. People must realize the potential of the Humanities courses..
This is something I wasn't expecting from Samsung. I respect all the company, but with all the things that is happening. This is a let down.
Riots in Assam were not communal. Deeming the violence to be a religious conflict is a misunderstanding.
I wish everyone.. Eid Muburak!! Let us all drop the misunderstandings. And look at thing afresh.
The saddest thing that is happening currently. I wish that all this ends soon. And we go back to peaceful times.
Is our religion an accident.. Did you ever choose to follow your religion.. How is it that you do whatever you do??
Is India really independent. Why do we celebrate independence day. When we know the answer that it really isn't..
The little joys of life that we forget in due course of time.
Have you ever questioned your existence? Ever thought about your consciousness.
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