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A Military brat that has grown up all over the world and will pull ideas got from traveling.
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This is just a simple list of how things can progress with a hobby like playing the piano. Many kids see it as a chore but it can be fun and entertaining for everyone. Plus it is something to show off about around the holidays.
This is about those family reunions where member swap war stories, recipes and advice for saving everything from their children to their marriages. No fun intended. No snickering or made to feel uncomfortable in anyway. Were all family, right?
Love surviving the differences in ones culture. These love stories were done at odds with the times they were in. This just goes to show you love survives and is color blind.
Fairy Tales every African American child can love. This story takes us back to the times when we were royalty.
At the height of our second invasion into Iraq many called into question the obligations of the press to report on the atrocities performed on the troops as well as theirs on the enemy. It was also questioned because reporters who were embedded with the troops were compromising attack...
Congressional overreach in this day and age is causing more confusion than solving any outlying problems. When you act alone or better yet go behind someone's back to try and upstage them or force the matter to go differently it can prove to be the undoing of everything both parties h...
Public schools do not equip enough young people as to how to manage their own money.
The is the second part of a story that began long ago when Africans ruled the known world and were the absolute Monarchs. The first part is available at entitled "The Nubians" by Rhonda Weston. This is where the story left off. Just before the newer arrivals to the cont...
This ode is to the girl who beat me to my dream first, Alicia Keys. I know it takes hard work and dedication something I had a lack thereof but I'm glad your there showcasing your talent to inspire young girls everywhere. You go Girl!
This is in regards to mother nature who always lets us know she has more power than any of us.
Selections to remember for recitals for kids and adults of all ages. Enjoy a wide variety of classics to perform during the holidays and at church folks will adore.
This oriental diet has been a staple overseas for thousands of years and the fact that most Americans won't adopt it tells us how greedy we truly are.
Montreal is one of Quebec busiest hubs and home to one of it's most famous exports, Celine Dion. A singing phenom in the states she also sings in French which has made her incredibly popular in the Quebec province.
This is a story set a long time ago when Africans ruled unapposed as as Monarchs and held court. A love story emerged from out of this court that would unite warring tribal factions against a common enemy.
Critical handling of Cruise line troubles that began last year and have hit virtually all the major crusie lines in the world. My father and experienced seaman due to his military service would not have made same mistake the Captain of the Laguardia did by running aground off Italian ...
Cruise lines the world over are having trouble with overbooking and not being safe.
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