Claudia J. Rodriguez

Claudia J. Rodriguez
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I am a paralegal certified in litigation. I have many interest. I will write on several subjects as I find an interest.
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Racism and bigotry are deep rooted in America's society. African-Americans and other minorities face tremendous challenges every day. It is easy to spot overt racism, but the covert, institutionalized racism that are the most difficult.
Interracial couples face racism from society. You never know where hateful acts may come from.
As an African American woman in my 60's I have struggled with racism and bigotry my entire life. The struggle has changed but it continues.
After becoming discouraged with timeshare ownership, My husband, Jose and I decided to get rid of the burden it had become.
What is important to you. I recite what is important to me and identify what is not important to me.
My mother was a single parent. She was a wonderful mother to me and my older brother. She passed away a few years ago and this poem honors her memory.
Poem on aging with dignity and hope. Live fully each day and don't regret it.
A beautiful Black Labrador shows up at a rural home and brightens the life of the owners.
Timeshare ownership offers resort style vacations. A timeshare is ownership of time in a resort. Timeshare resorts range from modest to upscale to lavish. Timeshare owners enjoy the resorts amenities. These can include everything from pools and gyms, to game rooms, to tickets and ...
I learned to drive in the Midwest where snow, freezing rain and bitter blowing winds are a fact of life for a good part of the year. Anyone who is new to winter driving will benefit from this page.
A beautiful sunny day at the beach. Sun, sand and sea cast their internal spell on those who venture there,
This is a short free form poem with a poignant message of loss.
Make your own beautiful beaded jewelry without the use of an expensive kit.
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