Theresa Guido

Theresa Guido
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A third year student at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am majoring in Writing for Film and Television and minoring in Creative Writing
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An awkward encounter in a doctor's office. Where a nurse walks in on a patient in an awkward moment.
It's a short story first draft. It needs revisions and will be eventually. I would just like some feedback, whatever anyone can offer would be appreciated, bad or good.
Sitting back and looking around and realizing the things that perhaps you miss or wish you had.
A poem about keys. A few different sets that open and lock various things.
Sitting in a crowded place feeling lonely and seeing you are not the only one.
An odd little poem about finding chaos in serenity and serenity in chaos
A moment play, one page scene that depicts a moment between two people.
A fictional account of working as a sales representative selling fireworks
An account of reconnecting with someone from the past through the internet.
A description of the preparation of a "typical" Sunday meal.
A poem that displays a comparison between an event in the present and on in the past.
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