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Henry Richards
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Maintaining and driving correctly could save your a fortune in car repairs. Find out how you can prevent the five most common car problems with a few simple tips.
As an employee you have rights under law that help make sure your working conditions are fair. But what are your rights? Read on and find out…
Recent reports indicate that the property market in Ireland is starting to recover. If you want to buy your own home but aren’t sure where to start then this ‘jargon buster’ might help you make sense of the mortgage maze.
The key information for businesses interested in selling products on Amazon UK.
Invoice financing is the umbrella term used to describe the group of services which deal with managing your invoices. It can seem complicated but there are two main services for you to look into if you are needing some support in managing your invoices or dealing with late payment of ...
The internet holds a whole range of opportunities for businesses to communicate with their customers and networking as a business. Twitter is just one of those profiles which allows this.
A selection of things people can do which might help them avoid going overdrawn on their current account.
A list of our best tips for people working as freelancers
Good cash flow is essential if a business is to prosper. Read on to learn about the definition of cashflow and how it can be used to gauge business health.
There's so much conflicting information available about credit ratings that it's hard to know where you stand. Read on for some definitive advice regarding your credit score and how it is calculated.
Advice on how to prepare for a job interview on Skype. There are tips on getting set up, the technology and getting the right image across.
In the simplest terms, a current account is a measure of wealth - the greater the surplus, the greater the wealth.
Sometimes in life you can feel your finances running away from you. At times like these it's important to knuckle down and take control of your finances. There are many thing you can do get yourself back in control, but two of the most important factors are self-discipline and sacrif...
It's the sink or swim moment - read on to find out how to give a successful pitch.
It's a horrible feeling when you running late for an important meeting. Whether the delay is your fault or not the pressure and nerves greatly intensify. Let's face it it's going to happen to the vast majority of us at some point, the key thing is how you handle it though. Are you goi...
Thinking of moving house? The house market is feeling the effects of the recession as more and more people are unable to move meaning less properties for you to choose from. A report recently suggests building more houses may just kick start the economy and house market.
A look at five of the best and easiest ways companies can implement sustainable energy solutions...
Discover how you can get things off to a great start when welcoming new staff members to your team.
Attracting a business angel can be vital in the development of your business but attracting then and getting them on board won't be easy so here are some tips.
Even with the advent of the Internet, much of business still takes place over the phone. Learn how you can be polite, professional and assertive on business phone calls.
The internet has provided business across the world with more opportunities than ever before, but it's important to keep your business secure from an online standpoint as well.
Saving a little cash can be very satisfying; it's nice to know that you've done something productive and you'll have a little more to spend if you need it. With that in mind I thought it may be helpful if I shared some of my favourite money saving hints and tips.
This is our short guide to the main things you need to remember when looking to start your own business.
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