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A frustrated writer. I am full time career woman, MBA, and single mom. Hopefully, what I lack in quantity, quality of my published articles would compensate.
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I used to think going gaga over something is just a temporary feeling. But I was wrong.
Losing weight is never easy. But I also realized, it is not that hard as well. Let me show you how.
Reincarnation from a Catholic's point of view. A look at how non-believers like me could turn into not exactly "believer" but at the point of considering.
A letter to an old flame. Wishing he were still here.
"Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are." While this might not particularly hold true to everyone because we've seen people poles apart in terms of character but still enjoy each other's company. But the kinds of stuff you read speak volumes of your personality. ...
It is said that "the size of a man can be measured by the size of the things that make him angry". But even the nicest man cannot help but snap once in a while most especially when they woke up in the wrong side of the bed or just plain having a bad hair day, so to speak. I have li...
Me and my office mates decided to take a break from "gruesome" work this past summer. And when I say we decided to take a break, we really meant to go full blast! Here are some photos of the scenery of the Hidden Paradise we discovered located at San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines.
So many common diseases nowadays that we thought we are well aware of but on the contrary, we are not. Here are some tiny bits and pieces about some of them that might be of help for us in dealing with these health nuisance.
Being born to a simple family and growing up in a rural community, has taught me a lot. In everyday living, you don't always have to be genius to get through. Most of the time, all you need is a simple common sense to solve simple household problems. I have listed down a few househol...
Whoever came up with this phrase must have been a genius. A very close friend of mine had an experience that proves this idea is true. Well, in her case, that is.
Filipinos are predominantly Roman Catholics. Being the one and only country in the world where divorce has not yet been legalized, one might think that the Philippines is a very conservative nation. Well, contrary to other people's beliefs, our country has a very diverse culture, havi...
Having been cooking since my grade school days, this recipe is I think the very first dish that I was able to master through all these years. But this one is not your usual afritada. This is a "sweet version" which makes it a bit more of a "Filipino style" of cooking. Hope you will en...
A very convenient, safe and inexpensive way to relax at home.
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