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Potassium is a mineral that helps to regulate fluid balance in our body. We also need it for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles. Peanuts, bananas,green beans, mushrooms and oranges are few good sources of potassium.
For keeping good health, we should do regular physical exercise. Physical exercise keeps the body and mind fit.
Depending on the organisms by which they are caused (called causative organisms), the diseases of animals can be divided into three main classes.
It improves the texture of the skin, digestion and its appearance. It helps to carry nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It serves as a safeguard inside the eyes, spinal line and in the amniotic sac encompassing the baby in pregnancy.
Dreams are the entranceway to associate degree inner world, a world even as real because the one outside. what's outside is additionally within; what's inside is additionally outside.
Life is a series of choices. If you are happy, that is your choice. If you are miserable, that also is your choice. Happiness is within our reach.
Tenali Ramakrishna said, `In paintings you have to imagine the rest. You haven't yet see my masterpiece.' then he led him to a blank wall with a few strokes of green on it.
He sought the help of Venkatappa Nayaka of Surajpur to fight against the English, he raised a band of warriors and waged guerilla warfare against the English And even defeated them sometimes.
The first work of Mark Cubbon is he shifted the capital Mysore to Bangalore.
Rice cultivation is conditioned by temperature differences at the different phases of growth.
Kuchipudi artists without exception were all Brahmans and they were all males.
Mir Qasim sought the help of Shuja – ud – daula, the Nawab of Oudh to fight against the English.
Tippu introduced postal system for royal correspondent. For the first time the department of census was opened. A new system of weights and measures and currencies came into existence.
I believe in myself and my luck and am sure to be welcomed by greater success and achievements.
The city of adhai-din-ka Jhonpra and the well- known shrine (Dargah)of the Muslim saint, Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti, where a huge annul Urs fair is held.
This is a sport where strength, skill and lightning reflexes are not enough-much daring is also needed, and it is not unusual for men to be grievously hurt or even killed instantly, at a jallikattu.
He said, `I say you don't know. You are all ignorant. The ram is expecting blessings from me.
One of the many Sanskrit inscriptions on this temple record that Paramara king, Udayadita of Malwa, founded a town built a temple of Shiva and excavated a tank and named all three after himself -Udayanpura, Udayeshwar and Udayamudra.
The Ramayya agreed and went to the rich man's house again. the rich man felt that the Ramayya is a fool to loose two thousand coins this time. He agreed to complete. Again hundred carts were ready.
The gateway of the Virupaksha temple bears the tallest of the towers built during the Vijayanagara period. The temple of Vittala at Hampi is one of their most celebrated temples
The forest guard once saw an artisan working with ivory. The guard was pleased to see the art work. He appreciated the artisan's carvings.
Only the king and his soldiers went near the deer. The deer felt the hunters have come. The king took his bow and arrow to shoot at the deer. The deer himself came in front of the king and said, O king! Stop shooting at me. I have something to ask you'.
Next day a group of elephants arrived there. The bird saw them and approached Gajaraj.
You didn't care of your life. I didn't understand this. I shall take you to the physician and give medicine'.
The elephant heard his cry and came near him. The guard feared and started running.
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